Mack and I went on our first ‘official’ date in October of 1980. We had known each other since August, when we met at Pu’u Kahea Church Camp, and had hung out in groups, but this was the first ‘real ‘ date. He took me to see Neil Diamond in The Jazz Singer, and we both fell in love with the music. Almost a year later, he was stationed there in Nebraska, and I had moved to Georgia to work for his stepfather, who was a chiropractor. Sort of ‘promised ‘ but not officially ‘engaged’, we spent h hours writing long letters and talking on the phone. I remember one night he called and said I’ve just been listening to this music from the jazz singer  and the hello again song came on and all I could think about was you. And then he started to sing part of it to me..seriously romantic. I knew I loved him, but that moment just cemented it! So…this was our first song…

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