Life changes daily, and God is GOOD!

Hello, and welcome to The Serenity Chronicles! Serenity is my home on wheels, and can take me anywhere in the ‘verse that my heart desires. Right now we are parked in Alaska for the next year, but after that…who knows!

  • My name is Lani
  • I’m a Christ-follower
  • I teach Choir, Orchestra, ‘Ukulele, Guitar, and Marching Band/Color Guard
  • I am Margaret and Josh’s Mom (as well as my fur babies Ipo, Herbie, and Kona)
  • I am a widow
  • I am a musician and an artist
  • I am an introvert
  • i am a Browncoat, a Chuckster, and a Trekker
  • I am NerdHQrew

I aim to misbehave!!!