A whole new world! After a solid month of packing, cleaning, selling, and crying, I spent my first night in Serenity last night! Lots to learn…how to plug in to power and water, how to squeeze every last inch of storage out of 35 ft. of RV, and how to figure out my new ‘normal’.

Got in last night around 8 after an insane day, which started with totaling my poor little Honda. My first all-by-myself car gone😒. So, going forward, need to find a temporary vehicle for the rest of the year. I really don’t want another car loan – maybe leasing a Mustang ragtop IS the way to go!😜😱😁

Spent the day exploring, unpacking, trying to figure out my new life. REALLY sore from all the lifting and moving, as well as the accident. Lots of tears – saying goodbye to 23 years at 6141 Winding Way – all the memories, good and bad…all the ‘stuff’…frustration when I can’t or don’t know how to do what I need to…worrying about money, a car, and life…missing Mack…missing the kids.

Tears of joy – God has worked a miracle or two to get me here, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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